Okay so let me tell you my story. ( I hope it will be clear, as a french girl I may be do some mistakes ).

 When I was 10 at school I was rejected by everybody. I never knew why. I’ve always been myself at that time and it didn’t please. I spent a whole year to wait sitting in a corner that playtime ends and endure the mockeries of the whole class. During this time, my teacher never did anything. After that I no longer knew how to act normally with others. When I arrived in a new school, it was for me the chance to start from scratch. Unfortunately I no longer knew how to sympathize. I began to play a role because I thought being myself would only generate renewed mockeries. But not acting according to who you really are is never good, and it’s just pain and also a loss of self-confidence. Then I finally met someone who appreciated me for who I really was. It took a lot of time. But that’s what saved me. It was the first time I understood what friendship was. After this new friendship, it took me almost 7 years to start to be completely myself with everyone, without feeling uncomfortable and without doubting myself. During those seven years, I learned a lot, I’ve had wonderful friends and I fought a lot against this desire to always hide myself behind a role. It is my year abroad which finally saved me completely. Today, I can stand up without fearing the reactions of others. I can smile sincerely to anyone. And if sometimes I am somewhat awkward, I do not blame myself because I understood that we could not be friend with everyone. If I tell you all this is because I have a message for you. I am now 21, I still have a long way to go but I also know that most of you are younger. And I know how difficult it is sometimes. I mean really. We are surrounded by perfection, whether for relationships, for physics, personality, everything must always be perfect. “Perfect, but please be yourself.” But I will tell you something. This is bullshit. Of course you already know it, but to all those who know it and yet do nothing: don’t be afraid. I do not care to repeat a thousandth times. Smile in the street, or don’t smile. Burp in public. Dance so as ridiculous. If you like someone, don’t wait to tell him/her. If you don’t like someone, just move away from him/her. Because people who judge are those who are afraid of being judged. I count on you. And fear never leads anywhere. And I believe in a world free from this fear.

I have nothing special to say but I wanted to let you know